Harry Potter fans who can't distinguish between fiction and reality have been going on the Warner Brothers Studio tour and trying to do what's already been fake done: free Dobby.


This is a very sweet gesture that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. First of all, Dobby was already freed, by your hero, Harry Potter. Remember? Secondly, if that statuette did suddenly come to life and walk out of its case at WB with a pile of socks, there'd be no exhibit. Also, maybe give Dobby something else. It doesn't have to be socks. He's only got two feet. How about a jacket? Lots of light layers is the look for fall.

Fans of J.K. Rowling already know that she blurs the lines of reality by constantly tweeting new facts and reveals about the series. While it makes sense that the creator of an elaborate fantasy world might have less distinction in her own mind between what's real and what's an imaginary school for wizards, her fans are also finding it difficult to come back to the boring muggle world.

Perhaps we should all just review this scene of a creepy CGI mini Jar-Jar getting that OG sock and reflect on how much darker and better the movies got as Daniel Radcliffe aged:

Sources: h/t Vulture