Why should they have to change the movie? He's the one who rocks.

For those of us old enough to have loved Mike Judge's 'Office Space' without being quite old enough to be emotionally attached to early-90s pop-balladeers, Michael Bolton (the singer) was forever doomed to be remembered as a no-talent ass-clown who ruined Michael Bolton's (the Initech employee) life. The singing Bolton did eventually re-enter the Millennial consciousness, first as the subject of a thousand relatively easy vocal impersonations, and then in an awesome Lonely Island video about Pirates of the Caribbean (below). Now the zeitgeist train has come full circle (like in Snowpiercer—that train ran in a circle, right?), and Bolton (the singer) has teamed up with Funny or Die to reprise the role of Michael Bolton (the Initech employee) that doomed him to a decade and a half of punchlinedom. I'm still not exactly sure what he does here, though.

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