The latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie is set to be released in theaters this week, but it was originally supposed to look very different from the film you'll see on the big screen. And it's all because Johnny Depp didn't want to go up against a girl.

MoviePilot recently discovered a blog post written in 2016 by Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriter Terri Rossio. In the post, Rossio, who had worked on previous Pirates films, revealed that he originally wrote the plot of the newest one, Dead Men Tell No Tales. His story was ultimately rejected, though, because Johnny Depp didn't like that it featured a female villain.


"My version of Dead Men Tell No Tales was set aside because it featured a female villain, and Johnny Depp was worried that would be redundant to Dark Shadows, which also featured a female villain," Rossio wrote.

Oh, God forbid Johnny Depp has to deal with yet ANOTHER female villain. He already worked with ONE. Meanwhile, Depp doesn't seem to have any problem with the multiple male villains he's fought over the years.

But, alas, Depp got what he wanted. Writer Jeff Nathanson was brought on to write the film instead, along with Depp, who collaborated on the script.


“Sometimes it just takes a single decision by a single person, often just a whim, to destroy years of story creation and world-building," Rossio wrote in his blog post.


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