If Wonder Woman's massive box office numbers and promise of female empowerment doesn't convince you to go see it, maybe this raving review from Academy Award winning actress Lupita Nyong'o will do the trick.

Immediately after she saw the film, Nyong'o took to Instagram to sing its praises.

She did not hold back her excitement. Nyong'o wrote:

Ok people, I just left the theater and KNOW for CERTAIN that the GODS have seen fit to BLESS us with #WONDERWOMAN. W.OW. It is a superhero movie like none I have ever seen. Epic. FUN. Engaging. Stylistically captivating. Funny in an honest, not-trying-too-hard way. Witty. Smart. Perfect length. Fierce. Sensual. Just amazing.


You can tell how excited Wonder Woman made her by how many adjectives she used to describe it. After she was done gushing about the movie itself, Nyong'o shifted her fan-girling over to its cast and crew.

@Gal_Gadot will glue you to the screen and at the same time make you want to run to the nearest costume shop to get your W on and join the #GODDESSNESS right away. (W = #WomanWarriorOfTheWorld). Director #PattyJenkins IS NOT PLAYING AROUND, as she gives us some AMAZON REALNESS in an exquisitely directed story. Chris Pine is irresistible.

And, once she'd done that, she went back to gushing about the film.


The score is KILLER. And it is the type of film that I think you can enjoy over and over. This movie definitely goes down as a classic in its genre for me.

Nyong'o concluded her review by tagging the post with #RunAndGoSeeIt, #HadToGush, and #PromotionFromTheHeart.

We sincerely hope you have something in your life that you love as much as Lupita Nyong'o loved Wonder Woman.