The 89th Annual Academy Awards are on Sunday, February 25th, and the show is sure to dazzle, entertain, and send Donald Trump into a massive tweetstorm.

Hollywood’s biggest night is the Super Bowl for non-sporty folk, an opportunity to get drunk on a Sunday and collectively scream at the TV. This year, the Academy nominated nine movies for Best Picture, humbly requesting that you spend approximately 27 hours consuming the content. We realize you may happen to have a life outside of the movie theater, so we at Someecards are here to help with cheat sheets for the five Best Picture nominees you need to know about to fake your way through an Oscars watch-party.


Following the Someecards rundown on the Best Picture nominee that will win (La La Land) and what should win (Moonlight) and here is everything to know about another worthy underdog: Manchester by the Sea.

What Happens in Manchester by the Sea:

Spoilers within!

Casey Affleck plays Lee Chandler, the human embodiment of a Boston accent. He is a janitor in Quincy who suppresses his emotions and picks bar fights in order to get punched and punished for his fatal mistake. He returns to the town of Manchestah-By-Thah-Sea when his brother dies and he needs to take care of his 16-year-old nephew, who has the remarkable ability to be both popular AND nice (except for the having two girlfriends part).


Manchester By The Sea is a slow burn (pun intended): The big reveal is that Casey and his ex-wife (played by Michelle Williams) had three kids, who all died in a fire when a drunk Casey forgot to put the screen on the fireplace and went out to buy beer. Yeah. Ouch.

Everyone in the titular town knows that “THE Lee Chandler” accidentally killed his kids, so it’s tough for him to return there.


Yeah, it turns out this entire movie is about dead children.

Smart Things to Say About Manchester by the Sea:

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