Mark Hamill joined reddit and invited readers to ask him anything. No force was necessary.

Mark Hamill joined reddit and invited readers to ask him anything. No force was necessary.


The empire sits back. (via Twitter)

Mark Hamill set reddit on fire this afternoon when he stopped by for an AMA session. What's amazing is after all these years of answering questions from obsessed Star Wars fans he hasn't lost his mind and had a Shatner on SNL moment. At least not in public.

His response to being asked why he never finished Jedi school.

Ha! I didn't know that i hadn't! Thats the problem, there are people who know more about the Star Wars universe than i do! people will scream at me if I get IG88's name wrong, on the movie it was just the medical droid. We called things the dust bin robot, we had pet names for things. People know so much more about it than i do.

I didn't go to proper Jedi school, I was just tutored by Obi-Wan and Yoda, that was the closest thing to school. Then i dashed off against obi's wishes, he didn't think i was ready. He was probably right.

On his experience playing himself on The Simpsons.

It was wonderful, I was such a fanboy, to know all of these characters from the show and then see them in person doing all these voices. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. On one hand, I wanted to be on the Simpsons, but on the other hand they said I’m playing myself. I became very self conscious. I asked, if I do this, can I play someone besides myself? There's a good trivia question: in the episode 'Mayored to the Mob,' who else do I play besides Mark Hamill?


On who would be his greatest ispiration.

It's hard to pick a single person. My older brother, Alec Guinness, Sam Fuller, I don't know. The minute you say one person you think I should mention Harrison, George, Gary Kurtz, the list goes on and on. I love to be inspired by even the smallest aspect of someone's personality. Maybe they have a tenacity or wisdom that I lack. To pick one is impossible.

That questions inspires me to search my soul and contemplate.

On his favorite place to vacation.


I don't have a favorite, but my wife and i loved Bora Bora. Pretty much any new place you go, there's wonderful things to discover. SF, Boston, London, Australia. We don't have any one designated spot, just great memories from so many different places.

Since I love theater I love NY. We had an apt there for 9 years, i wish we had kept it.

On whether he kept any props or memorabilia from the Star Wars sets.

I kept something from each film. From the first I kept my boots. I had to ask for them, I didn’t just take them! I kept the stormtrooper helmet that I rescued Princess Leia in. The ones that were commercially made last much longer.


I have little bits and pieces from each of the movies. I would never think of selling these things. I saw they were auctioning my pants from the first film for $44,000! They were just bleached out levis with the pockets ripped out. There were multiples made for me and my stunt double. That seemed like a really steep price.

On whether he's a Wookie person or a Droid person.

Just for the sake of loyalty, it would have to be R2 and C-3PO. Hans had the Wookiee. I love the fact that C-3PO was so unhappy being thrust into these adventures. He’d be so much happier working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. C-3PO was one of the funniest characters in those movies, I thought.


His responce when Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew welcomed him to reddit.

Thanks Peter, they've been great and I'm really enjoying it. I love you and you have been a life-long friend. And I'm convinced there's no one closer to a real life wookiee in the most positive sense.

Also, I loved those pictures you released! I've got a ton of old pics from the set upstairs that I want to go through now.

On what his favorite film would be.

I don’t have an all time favorite, some of the movies that really impacted me as a kid were Hard Days Night, the Beatles first movie. I didn’t think I liked musicals and then I saw West Side Story and it just crushed me. I was 9 or 10 years old and it was so tragic. That one stands out.


I went to see The Tingler at a much too young age, and now you look at it and think how did that scare me? I met Vincent Price once, which was a thrill. And I mentioned the Tingler. I said when I was 9 it scared me to death and he said, 'wasn’t that a delightful bit of rubbish.'

And I love Laurel and Hardy and the Marx Brothers. I was voting on the 100 greatest films of all time for AFI, and I couldn't decide between Snow White and Psycho. That says it all. How can you compare those 2 films? You can't, it's all subjective. It's crazy to find the best anything.


His responce when asked if he's ever tried to use the Force in real like, by a guy who sits at home trying to move the TV remote with his mind.

That's the thing, that's what fairy tales are made of. You wish you could do all these things, fly like Peter Pan, telekineses i think it's called.

You should always believe. Don't go through life being skeptical. One thing that makes the films distinct is how optimistic they are. The philosophy is very uplifting and very positive. it was a way to approach the subject of spirituality without knocking you over the head with it. The force could be religion, science, magic.


I love that people can make what they want of it, and that they could find courage in their life. I've heard so many stories about what a positive thing it's been for people.

Keep trying to make that remote lift, never give up. One day it will happen.

The full exchange can be found here.