Bleep bleep bloop.

Hey, remember The Matrix Reloaded? Yeah, I kind of do as well. I didn't totally hate it either. I'll say this for it: It was definitely not completely boring as far as unnecessary sequels go. Right? So, that's kind of a success.

But I suppose I do have one problem with it—aside from it being mostly forgettable and overlong by at least 45 minutes and having an emotionless cypher as a protagonist and about fourteen other things—and that's that it didn't really have any stakes. When you know that you can't kill the hero, you really have very little reason to pay attention to any of the action scenes, so you might as well be watching your older brother play Nintendo downstairs in the basement. It doesn't matter what happens onscreen, and you're not gonna get to play regardless. 

Sources: Phillip Raupach | h/t Death & Taxes