Toyota, a company that normally brings people together by providing cars that can hold more than one person while traveling from point A to point B, has started bringing people together by making videos that both physically bring people together and also bring us, the people who don't normally watch videos from Toyota, together in nostalgia. In this case, they brought together Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd to discuss which inventions from Back to the Future II have actually become reality and which ones haven't. Turns out there was a lot that the film got right.

But this brings up the question: now that we have our damn hoverboards, what product should we next be angry about the future not providing yet? Let's see here, what were some of products in the film... oh. Back to the Future II predicted that we'd have little fusion reactors in 2015 that turned our garbage into clean, cheap energy. And we've been putting our efforts into designing glorified skateboards? Maybe we should've switched our priorities around on those two.


Anyway, the full video will drop on Back to the Future Day, October 21. 

Sources: EW