Illustrator Tom Ward has updated Disney's tales as old as time for 2017, and some of them are pretty damn dark.

Alice just found out that her story's about drugs.
Alice just found out that her story's about drugs.

"I always appreciate visuals that feel familiar but say something new," Ward told Mashable. "Disney characters are so iconic that I thought transporting them to our modern world could help us see it through new eyes, giving me an opportunity to communicate some issues I feel strongly about. e.g. circus animals, pollution and the ivory trade, using friendly and familiar visuals with a darker tone."


1. Pinocchio's not a puppet, he's a real millennial.

2. Prince Charming has his own Tinderella.

3. Simba's run off with the circus.

4. Baloo's at the zoo.


5. Magic carpets don't vacuum themselves.

6. The sword and the 'gram.

7. Peter Pan flies to the surveillance state.

8. Toxic.


9. Alice in Diet Land.

10. Robin Hood fights the fox hunters.

11. Dumbo's down his tusks.

And finally, a happy one...

12. No one prides like Gaston!


My what a guy, that Gaston.