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People are debating the things they wish Hollywood and would finally stop doing.

People are debating the things they wish Hollywood and would finally stop doing.


The rom-com best friend who has no purpose other than providing the lead with inspirational quotes, the sitcom husband who seemingly doesn't have a brain, or the male lead dating a woman twenty years younger without anyone questioning it--Hollywood is getting old...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What do you wish Hollywood would stop doing?' people were eager to share the movie tropes, tired plotlines, or outdated characters they wish the film and television industry would finally retire.


Turning everything into a 'universe' - ___Guitarmadillo___


Medical shows without consulting medical people! - Multiple_hats_4868


I f*cking cannot stand characters who are driving and talking to a passenger but NOT WATCHING THE ROAD. They think the same courtesy rules of eye contact apply even when you are a conversant behind the wheel. YOU'RE DRIVING A VEHICLE. WATCH THE ROAD, NOT THE PERSON TO WHOM YOU'RE TALKING. - 5um-n3m0


Messing up the sound mix so that we have to constantly adjust the volume for music and dialogue. - Doozenburg


Casting middle aged women to play elderly women and just making their hair white. Casting late twenties/early thirties women to play middle aged women, and just dressing them in frumpy clothes. Casting late twenties actors to play high school students. - OhSassafrass


Just hanging up after a phone conversation with out saying 'bye.' Pisses me off for some reason. - FattyFattyMcFatPants


Pretending people can actually have a conversation in a bar without yelling - Falafe1


Spoiling the film in the trailers. - Painting-Powerful


Casting 35 year olds as high schoolers - StaircaseRailing


Having a main character whose job/income level does not match their home or lifestyle at all - Stellathewizard


Forcing a love story that makes no sense in a movie that has nothing to do with romance. - Jesuslovesmemost


Showing incorrect CPR - myersla


Casting attractive people in 'ugly' roles - R_man98


EMPTY CUPS. I hate seeing people holding cups and pretending to take drinks from obviously empty cups. Their hands never move right, or if it’s an open cup, you can literally see that it’s empty. - undecyded


Characters getting punched multiple times in the face in 1 scene and having no signs of the trauma in the next scene. - kyle158


Female action stars that fight in high heels - Tastyfeesh


Putting CGI first rather than the story - GoddessPenelope


Portraying love at first sight. Show us the actual, drawn-out, awkward, friends-to-lovers sh*t that happens in real life. - cmac4ster


Remakes of good movies, I don’t understand why they remake good movies, when there are tons of flops that have potential, that they could remake - Ratchel1916

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