At Star Wars Celebration, a fan-made R2-D2 made a young fan's day.

Star Wars Celebration is a semi-regular gathering of fans from all over the world. This year's event just wrapped up in Anaheim, and featured such highlights as the debut of the new teaser for The Force Awakens. As always, it also featured a lot of really impressive fan creations, including movie-quality moving replicas of R2-D2, like this one here.

When the droid's pilot noticed a young fan nearby in his awesome tricked-out Star Wars wheelchair, he couldn't resist sending Artoo over to check in with him. What followed was an irresistible impromptu synchronized dance session, accompanied by the boy's adorably delighted giggles. If this clip doesn't melt your heart, then you've obviously fallen to the Dark Side.

Sources: Speed Golfer