Tonight, FOX is airing their remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which should thrill, chill, and fulfill both virgins and creatures of the night alike!

If you've never seen the show before (and we're sorry if you haven't), you might be a little confused. Audience participation is major in Rocky Horror and longtime fans have all the key moments memorized by heart. Here are the most important heckles so you can participate in audience participation, from the comfort of your own home. (Warning: NSFW language, but it's nothing Donald Trump hasn't said!)


1. Whenever Brad appears or his name is said, yell "Asshole!"

2. When you see Janet, yell "Slut!" (Sadly, Janet has been slut-shamed for 40 years)

3. During "Science Fiction Double Feature," whenever Trixie says "Doctor X," add "Sex Sex Sex!"

4. Put a newspaper over your head like Janet as they approach the Frankenstein Place in the rain, and squirt water guns if you're willing to clean it up.

Twentieth Century Fox

5. When Frank-N-Furter says "Shiver with antici—" during "Sweet Transvestite," yell "SAY IT!"

6. At the end of "Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me" after every character says "creature of the night," yell "Switch!"

7. When you see Dr. Scott, boo or yell "Kiss ass!"

8. Throw toilet paper when Brad enters the lab and says "Great scott!"


(I couldn't find a "Great Scott!" Rocky Horror GIF so I had to go with Back to the Future)

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