Since it was announced earlier this week that Disney would finally feature its first openly gay character in the new live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, it didn't take long for some backwards-ass people to say they were going to boycott the movie, like the owner of this drive-in theater in Alabama. Now, the entire country of Russia is following suit, BBC News reports.

The movie's "gay moment" might actually be against the law in Russia, due to a 2013 legislation that prohibits the spread of "homosexual propaganda," as they call it, among minors in Russia. The law actually refers to homosexuality as "non-traditional sexual relations," which caused outrage among human rights activists around the world.


Now, before the movie's Russian debut, which is slated for March 16, Russian Members of Parliament are urging for it to be reviewed. MP Vitaly Milonov has asked the Culture Minister, Vladimir Medinsky, to host a screening of the movie to determine if it complies with the law, or otherwise contains "elements of propaganda of homosexuality". Crazy to think they are calling a gay storyline in a children's movie "propaganda," while their President, Vladimir Putin, has Russian Rockettes performing song an dance about how great he is.

"As soon as we get a copy of the film with relevant paperwork for distribution, we will consider it according to the law," Medinsky said. Oh lord. Let this not be our future.

Sources: BBC News