At some point in the mid-2000s, the world decided that the scariest thing on Earth were dead Japanese girls with straight black hair. The horror genre was, for a time, dominated by two of them: Sadako and Kayako. Sadako is the girl from The Ring, who kills you if you watch her video tape (they really should have made it so that she kills you if you forgot to rewind it). Kayako is the ghost of a young mother from The Grudge, who kills you for moving into her house even though rent in Tokyo is crazy and English teachers have to live somewhere. Her son Toshio is also in the house, but is a bit chattier.

Now, a decade after these franchises gave everyone an irrational fear of small Asian women, a studio will let their souls rest by creating a mashup movie to let the ghosts fight. Like Alien vs Predator or Freddy vs Jason, this will officially jump the shark for the franchises, allowing them to be rebooted or simply taken out back and shot. That said, it looks pretty good for one of these kinds of movies. The trailer is below, but first check out Sadako and Kayako playing baseball against each other to promote the new film:
Sources: Tom Holland's Terror Time