The phone home is coming from inside the house!

"That's right. I made you fall in love with a monster." (Getty)

Way back in 1977, Steven Spielberg was fresh off his blockbuster hit Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Although he wasn't interested in a sequel, Spielberg began working on one so that the studio wouldn't make it without him and screw it up (*cough* Jaws 2 *cough*). This time, however, it would be a horror film about short, ugly aliens invading the home of a rural family, and it would be called Night Skies.

Over the next few years, Spielberg would lose interest in Night Skies and eventually cancel the project, but not until a lot of time and money had gone into preproduction and design. Being the certified hitmaker that he is, however, he knew not to let it all go to waste. So when he began working on a kid-friendly story about a sweet, innocent alien who befriends a young child, he just tweaked his monster to make it (slightly) less disturbing, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was born. But thanks to redditor mike_pants, we can see the original concept art from before he was Disneyfied:

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