The Force, and Lego technology, binds the universe together.

Well, that was fast! The Force Awakens trailer has only been out for a day, and some crazy person has already uploaded a shot-for-shot re-creation of it, animated with Legos.

This blows my mind. First of all, this guy Snooperking apparently has a seriously exhaustive collection of Star Wars Legos on hand. Look at how many Stormtroopers he used in that split-second shot aboard the carrier. But more to the point, he must have been watching the Internet intently on Friday morning, with a bead of sweat streaming down his temple and his hand hovering just above his Legos collection like a squid-headed gunfighter on an Old West-themed planet, waiting for the first sign of the trailer. He says it took him about 12 hours to complete the filming. This would have taken me 12 days, if not 12 life times.

Sources: Snooperking