Running boy must defeat the evil pile of poop and rescue girl in red dress, with the help of syringe and eggplant.

The face of the studio execs who are about to make bank. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Sony Pictures Animation won a seven-figure bidding war to produce a feature animated film based on Emoji.

It will be written be Eric Siegel and Anthony Leondis, with the latter also directing. Sigel has experience writing and producing TV sitcoms, while Leondis has directed animated films such as Igor and B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherwordly Operations.

Because Emoji are in the public domain, the studios didn't have to buy any property rights. Instead, they bought Leondis' story pitch, which I hope contained no words and was solely spelled out by Emojis. The easiest reaction here is to bemoan how Hollywood is unoriginal and has further proven that anything can be made into a movie, but you never know. For every Battleship there's a Wreck-It-Ralph and for every Pixels there's a Lego Movie. It's really up to how they execute the concept. Let's just hope the movie emojis don't have the same diversity problem they had in real life.

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