Did George Lucas get drunk and write these YouTube comments about the 'Star Wars’ prequels?

Did George Lucas get drunk and write these YouTube comments about the 'Star Wars’ prequels?

No one likes the "Star Wars" prequel films, except probably George Lucas, who presumably spends most of his time arguing in the comments section on negative YouTube videos about his movies. In honor of May the 4th, here are 9 real comments on the following YouTube video from people that are, in all likelihood, actually George Lucas

 1. Someone calling themselves Sabrefang477 says:

OK, dont kill me but I LIKE THIS MOVIE

funny vid tho

Ok, George. Nice try.

2. That didn't work. So ​Gabgab16 Playz (obviously George Lucas) writes: 

so I never really knew why everyone hates jar jar I actually really like him

Of course you like him, you wrote him you traitorous hound. You know.

George is getting upset.

3. George has had a couple glasses of wine and logs on as Gandalfwiz2007.

i think you fanboys hate the prequels way to much....

They're were your fanboys, George. They were.

4. Then George creates username Michael Martinez, his most clever disguise yet, and tries a more conciliatory approach.

the sinning of these movies shows how over hated they are. Jar Jar I get it, I don't like him either. But he's not even there for most of the movie and the other 2. Also stupid reasons like cgi. Cmon seriously, y is that even a complaint? These guys have too many complaints with these movies I mean there have been far worse.



5. Around the fifth re-watch, George starts to enter a deeper phase of denial, logging on as "Kamron Thurmond."

Have the makers of this YouTube channel ever just set out to enjoy a movie. 

Come on, George.

You did this, George.

6. Now he's just utterly and completely drunk. Posting under Sean Kirk:

Why do you want to ruin children's look I'm Star Wars so much and half of the things you say are not even true. Actually think about something before you post it.


Oh god, George.

7. And he's only getting drunker as he makes another account to threaten people. This time under the assumed name Victor Baxter.

+Paul Blunt Robo Cunt you should come down to the chill grill so I can kick your a** for your sh*t opinion. The phantom menace is the best movie ever.

Really digging in now.

You killed the only good character.

8. He's in a fugue now and he's only getting more belligerent. Best pseudonym he can come up with at this point is "O Rod."

When are you going to do a EWW video about that piece of shit remake that J. J. Abrams made?  


Oh Jesus, George, come on—everyone loved The Force Awakens. You know that. You must know that. Do you know that?

9. And finally, finally giving in to the undeniable truth—he tries to salvage anything he can. He writes, sadly, as Darth Venar:

If the movie has at least one thing positive about it then it is not a bad movie...at least not entirely

Aw, George. It's okay. You made three really great movies. That's three more than most disgruntled commenters. Now go rewatch The Force Awakens, it's so good.