Even if you're not a big fan of Japanese animated shows, this version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens created by Kylo Renoir (aka Kylo Ren Is A Punk Bitch) will tickle your Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia bone. All the ingredients of a great serialized adventure show are already there: the young outcast heroes (Rey, Finn and Poe), the grizzled old warrior helping them on their journey (Han Solo), the mystical/technological beast/demons whose nonsensical noises are easily understood by their companions (Chewie and BB-8), and of course the villain whose powers come from negative energy (Kylo Ren). But of course this will never happen, because Star Wars is a Disney property and they would use an American pop song over the exact same montage:

The song used in the video, if you're curious, is 'Colors' by the group Flow. It was used as the opening song for the show Code Geass.


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Sources: Kylo Renoir