9 of the most hilariously inappropriate outfits students wore to high school in teen movies.

9 of the most hilariously inappropriate outfits students wore to high school in teen movies.

Teenagers in movies wear wildly inappropriate clothing to school, and for that, they should be celebrated.

The following individuals are true role models, showing us we can wear whatever the hell we want, even if we sometimes have to do things we don't want to do, like go to high school. They teach us by example, and they inspire us to do better.

1. Amber's dollar sign sailor cap and matching blazer in Clueless

She looks like she should be reporting for duty as a rich boat captain instead of sitting in a boring classroom, but she's definitely not wearing the same outfit as anyone else.

2. Laney Bogg's paint-splattered smock in She's All That

This young woman is so into her art that she is legit covered in paint, wearing a smock, and carrying around multiple canvases during the school day. Do you!

3. Kathryn's cocaine-filled cross in Cruel Intentions

It looks on-theme with the rest of her Catholic school uniform, but it's definitely not. She made it her own.


4. The Plastics' talent show outfits in Mean Girls

Your antiquated dress codes have no bearing on talent show costumes. Check the handbook.

5. Olive's scarlet letter in Easy A

Her clothes serve as a feminist literary rebellion, so you know she did the homework.


6. Mandella's Shakespearean dress in 10 Things I Hate About You

Girl's so obsessed with Shakespeare that she dresses like it's the 1600s. Unlike most high school kids, who dress like it's the 1990s.

7. The Heathers' blazers in Heathers


Maybe this is just what was up in the eighties, but it's pretty powerful to come to homeroom dressed like a quirky COO instead of a child with no money or authority.

8. Josie's first-day-of-school outfit in Never Been Kissed

When you pretend to be a teenager, you go all out. And that's speaking from experience.


9. Everything Cher wears in Clueless

From her spaghetti strap gym uniform to her mini skirt suits, Cher has a computerized closet's worth full of not giving a fuck.