Who thought this rad '80s-style DVD cover for 'The Accused' was even remotely appropriate?

Who thought this rad '80s-style DVD cover for 'The Accused' was even remotely appropriate?


Like, oh my god!

So, Slate recently came across a DVD copy of the 1988 Jonathan Kaplan film The Accused, for sale on Amazon, and it's got some rather... interesting cover art. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible cover art, per se. But maybe the brightly colored, zebra-striped "I Love The 80's" theme isn't completely appropriate for a film based upon the true story of a woman's traumatizing gang-rape and subsequent legal battle surrounding it.

Don't bother puzzling over how a thing like this can happen. I already figured it out:

Boss: Is that DVD cover for the reissue of The Accused done yet?

Graphic Designer: The Accused... That's that '80s movie starring those stone cold foxes Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis, right?

Boss: Um... yeah. That's the one, but—

Graphic Designer: And it had, like, a big scene involving a pinball machine, I think. It's hazy, but I remember a pinball machine. Man, people loved pinball back in the '80s.

Boss: That may be true, but you may be misremem—


Graphic Designer: And Jodie Foster had this fly stone washed denim miniskirt and, like, a Pat Benatar haircut.

Boss: You might not be—

Graphic Designer: Anyway, yeah, that's done.

(Graphic Designer hands the finished art to Boss, who spends a good long minute and-a-half staring at it with a blank expression on his face.)

Boss: Yeah, that'll work.  

Graphic Designer: Rad!  


(The two men high five. Freeze frame. Men Without Hats' "The Safety Dance" plays over the credits.)

It was probably a lot like that.

(by Dennis DiClaudio)