If you're not watching the Democratic Debate tonight and have HBO or HBO GO, you could do far worse than checking out The Godfather Epic—a re-mastered, uncensored, 7-hour-long chronological edit of the first two Godfather films, complete with deleted scenes that didn't make it into either theatrical cut. ​The Godfather Epic was designed to tell the story from young Don Corleone's humble immigrant beginnings as Robert De Niro to his apex as Marlon Brando and following his son Vito Corleone (Al Pacino) on his fall from grace and rise to power. It will be airing at 5pm EST on HBO and will be available at that time on HBO GO. A similar version originally aired on NBC in 1977 and was released on VHS in 1981—and although that version was broadcast-friendly, this new one is HBO-friendly (aka NSFW) and remastered in high definition. Here's a trailer from a movie theater that recently showed the 1981 VHS version:

Sources: h/t Mashable