There's a scene in The Little Mermaid when (spoiler alert!), Ursula in disguise is about to marry Prince Eric, who is obviously destined to end up with Ariel. All that intrigue apparently gets the officiating priest pretty excited, because if you watch his pants, there's some bizarre movement in the crotch area. Or, as the Daily Beast puts it, "he supposedly pops an erection."

This moment has been well documented in "dirty moments in Disney history" lore since the movie came out in 1989. So recently, on a promotional tour for their new Disney picture, Moana, the directors of The Little Mermaid attempted to clear up the controversy forever.


Said Ron Clements to the Huffington Post: "It's a misunderstanding. Honestly, we were there, so we know."

Of course he would say that though, wouldn't he? But he has more explanation, saying that "the minister has knobby knees."

Knees. Right.

"He was designed with knobby knees by animator Tom Sito," said Clements, and he "was not thinking of anything other than this slightly weirdly designed character. That was never the intention."


Co-director John Musker added: "[His knees] show other times in the movie that you can see clearly."

Welp, you can watch the questionable scene in slow-motion, below. If you keep in mind the "knobby knees" theory, it sort of makes sense.

Sort of.