According to the Independent, the trailer for a new The Mummy movie was live on the IMAX YouTube page for six days—with one glaring error. The audio wasn't finished. The following YouTube clip has been taken down, but this fake conversation seems like an accurate representation of what led to this mess going live:

So what's actually there on the mangled clip? Some gorgeous airplane shots, a brooding Tom Cruise, and what sounds like one sound editor screaming "ugh!" as a placeholder for what should be a more cinematic "AH!" from Tom Cruise.


Apparently, that's not actually the case. The sounds you hear, according to the Independent and Uproxx, are the actual "grunts, sighs, screams, and...[occasionally] awkward snippets of dialogue" from the movie, just absent the rest of the audio tracks.

Here, enjoy the hilariously awkward cut:

A brief summary: Silence, silence, Tom Cruise grunting, silence, Tom Cruise screaming, Tom Cruise screaming a lot, Tom Cruise breathing loudly, someone who sounds like Anthony Hopkins doing a voiceover, then back to regular movie trailer.


Many folks have tweeted the messed up trailer, despite the fact that IMAX or Universal have taken steps to remove it from the web.

The media in the following tweet, for example, will not play:

Although Broderick's point stands. Cruise's scream is, for sure, the best part.

But as the Independent notes, six days is "about a century in internet terms," so you won't have trouble finding the trailer, reuploaded to YouTube, or any number of other places on the internet.


Plus, the very awkward Tom Cruise sounds will survive for eternity, overdubbed on this clip of Darth Vader.