Imagine Ducky, but with superhuman reflexes, precognition and the ability to climb walls. And without that stupid hat.

(via Sony Pictures Entertainment)

If you're mostly familiar with the character of Spider-Man via his 37 recent onscreen incarnations, then you might not realize that, at its heart, Peter Parker's story has traditionally been about a dorky kid who has more trouble surviving the travails of his social life than he does battling mass-murdering super-villains. I know it seems like it's about loud noises, computer-generated explosions and disco dancing, but that's Hollywood for you (always with the disco dancing).

Anyway, now that Marvel has its hands on the character once again, it looks like we can expect to see a cinematic interpretation of the story that's a little closer to its comic book origins, thanks to some inspiration from the film world's premier chronicler of nerdy young weirdos: John Hughes. In a recent interview with Birth Movies Death's Devin Faraci, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, gave some pretty intriguing info on the upcoming spider-franchise:

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