Years of watching psuedoscience on the Discovery Channel have prepared me for this.

Boy, not much in the news today, huh? Well, as luck would have it, Universal has put out the trailer for the much-anticipated return to the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World. If you weren't already aware, it stars Chris Pratt (I was not aware! Did he clone himself to make this movie? I ask because I don't know how he has time to be charming and suddenly in-shape in all these different franchises), a mystery dinosaur, and what appear to be a pack of "good" velociraptors. In other words, this is not a gritty reboot. This is a full-fledged return to see how much crazier Isla Nublar could have gotten since it was last seen (being napalmed by the American military, which seems like a bit of underkill to me).

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