I would actually love to see a Wes Anderson film about a sentient comedy generator.

I present to you now, "Wes Anderson Presents: Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer."

The YouTube page would have you believe this was posted by a human named Jonah Feingold, but I suspect that this video actually emerged spontaneously from the bowels of the Internet itself, like comedy mildew between moist shower tiles. The title doesn't help assuage my suspicions. You see, when a video that is not already a parody becomes popular on the Internet, two things are certain. 1.) It will be mashed up with Star Wars, and 2.) it will be re-cut as "If Wes Anderson directed" whatever it is. When an actual, serious trailer for a real, new Star Wars film became viral on the Internet last week, I imagine that deep under Silicon Valley, a server achieved primitive sentience and started slapping yellow text and French music onto the footage, until eventually the algorithms improved themselves so that they could fool any human into thinking a fleshbag had made this parody. If I am correct, we don't have much time left until smartass computers replace humans when it comes to making the same joke over and over. Basically, humans on the Internet are about to become obsolete.

Sources: Jonah Feingold