That's gonna leave a mark.

Our Aussie friends on the other side of the International Date Line will get to see Fifty Shades of Grey before we do, although they may not show up after this review went viral for inflicting the kind of delicious pain that made the book such a success. The Australian Today Show (or "The Today Show" as they call it in Australia) has spawned a lot of viral moments over the years, mostly involving host Karl Stefanovic completely failing to keep his cool whenever something funny happens, but yesterday's Today was Lisa Wilkinson's big Web moment when she launched into her vicious destruction of the BDSM/fan-fiction novel-turned-film that has so captivated and disappointed the world. At first, you'll wince from how bluntly she starts slapping the film around, but by the end of it, you'll be sorry when the last blow falls.

Sources: Channel 9