A little girl in Virginia stopped wearing her Star Wars jacket to school because a bunch of mean boys told her that Star Wars isn't for girls. Well, the Stormtrooper costume a bunch of Star Wars fans bought her fits just fine.

The Dark Side has really improved its image. (via io9)
The Dark Side has really improved its image. (via io9)

Layla wore her sweet new R2-D2 jacket and Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt to school, because she is a fan of Star Wars and comic books, like hundreds of millions of other people. But then she abruptly stopped, because the boys at school bullied her and told her that Star Wars, sci-fi, and comic books weren't for her because she was a girl.

Her story went viral and Garrison Tyranus, the Virginia-based chapter of the Star Wars fan organization called the 501st Legion, wanted to tell Layla to be proud of herself and her interests. You see, this is not the first time that a girl has been bullied by guys for liking what they have arbitrarily decided is a guy thing, and the 501st Legion has a protocol in place. In 2010, a girl was bullied for liking Star Wars, and the 501st Legion bought her a kid-size Stormtrooper costume. Last year, it happened to another girl, and the suit was passed down to her.

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