'Star Trek' king William Shatner hates 'Star Wars' and he tweeted about it like a fool.

'Star Trek' king William Shatner hates 'Star Wars' and he tweeted about it like a fool.

Between this and his open hatred of George Takei, William Shatner is really playing fast and loose with his sci-fi loving fandom. There's plenty of nerd love to go around when it comes to movies or TV shows about people flying through space having sex with alien babes, but Shatner apparently thinks if you don't reject Star Wars for Star Trek you're a total turncoat. Adam Horowitz, who is a writer and producer for a lot of things, had a Star Wars commercial air during one of his shows, and it excited his light-saber-loving brain. He tweeted about it, and William Shatner responded.

You made him saaaaaaad.

Uh oh. Horowitz graciously responds how great it is to get attention from one of his heroes, ignoring the implications of William Shatner tweeting his own sad face at him. To which Shatner replies with a snide remark and winky-face emoji, official tool of the insincere:

Because he assumed you had better things to do than police his Twitter, sir.

Fans tried to reason with him, saying that whatever floats your boat is cool! Shatner was having none of it:

"Kissy face" is an escalation.

Then he really dug in, calling Star Wars derivative. Which maybe it is, but it's also got more going on than Star Trek right now:

Aren't those both cylons?
Okay, but
Where did Jar Jar come from?

Looking at his Twitter feed, the fight is still going on, with people announcing their intention of unfollowing him for life and Shatner threatening blockings all around. 


Shatner also seems to live-tweet episodes of Arrow and Supernatural, so he is cool with other franchises as long as they don't explore the vast reaches of the unknown universe: