You will consider paying someone a million dollars just to take it off the Internet permanently.

Originally titled A Killer in The Dark, the soon-to-be cult classic Seance has finally been uploaded in its entirety to YouTube.

The movie was filmed in Lancaster, California in 2001, and, according to the filmmaker's son on Reddit, cost one million dollars. Previously, the above trailer had been uploaded, but not until this week was the entire film made available (for free) for us to all bask in its glory.

At the time, it seemed brilliant, especially the acting. Producer Rick Vasquez offered this about Feldman: “It is the best film Corey Feldman has ever done."

Vasquez also may have been too starstruck to give an honest opinion of Adam West's work: “We called Adam [West] 'one-shot Adam' because he could do every take perfectly in one shot. Everyone's childhood hero became our hero on set." (I don't want to ruin anything about the movie, but Adam West is in exactly one shot, and I'd be surprised if they even thought about shooting it more than once. It's in Part 10 of the YouTube playlist below.)

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