Cesana, Italy is weirdly obsessed with the Foo Fighters.

"Can someone give me a B-flat?" (via YouTube)

Fabio Zaffagnini was dealt an injustice. He's a huge Foo Fighters fan, but they hadn't visited his home of Cesana, Italy since 1997. He needed to do something to bring them back, something bigger than just tweeting "OMG come 2 Cesana!" at them. His plan? To arrange a 1,000-musician orchestra to play "Learn to Fly" as part of a YouTube plea to Dave Grohl. After a lengthy crowdfunding campaign and a huge recruiting initiative to gather musicians, the "Rockin' 1000" laid down the track last week with the help of award-winning conductor Marco Sabiu. As someone who has gone on record saying I don't like the Foo Fighters, I'm going to put aside my pretensions and say that this video is pretty freakin' awesome. It's a crazy spectacle, and for a group so large, the song comes together very nicely.

Sources: SPIN