I'mma let you finish...actually, I'mma not gonna let you start.

Um, I'm pretty sure Kanye's "outspoken views on his music" are that his music is good?

The UK's annual Glastonbury Festival is one of the largest and most famous music events in the world. So, naturally, rapper, fashion designer and world-class showboat Kanye West was excited to be invited to perform on the main stage this year. Just as naturally, this has inspired a backlash among British rock fans. As of press time, about 60,000 of them have signed a petition organized by Neil Lonsdale to have West removed from the concert. It's probably fair to say that most of those 60,000 are pissy rock fans who don't want a rapper at a rock concert, but Lonsdale claimed that his reasoning was Kanye-specific:

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