You got $500k? You're halfway there.

If you're a Katy Perry fan with half a million bucks burning a hole in your pocket, great news! There may still be time to book her to sing Firework during your Fourth of July fireworks. If you don't have that kind of scratch lying around, don't worry, how about Chris Daughtry singing Home in your home for 200K? Still too much? For 7 grand you can reminisce about the 90s with The Verve Pipe.

Regardless of your budget, it looks like pretty much everybody is available for a price. Hell, even the Crickets (Buddy Holly not included) are still out there cashing checks. And thanks to this leaked pricing chart from talent booking agency Degy Entertainment (by way of Priceonomics), we now know that not only is Kings X still kicking around, they're available to entertain you for the low, low price of $5,000.

Obviously, this isn't an exact science and rates are likely negotiable. There's no way Katherine McPhee is getting $100k, unless she's also painting your house. And it's safe to say Sum 41 will probably ask for more than 30 grand, considering that their singer is in need of a new liver.

The big names aren't very surprising.

Madonna - $1 mil
Dave Matthews - $1 mil
Adele - $750k
Foo Fighters - $500k
Bruno Mars - $200k

But some of the other numbers are puzzling. Like the Goo Goo Dolls getting less money than Clay Aiken. How many times is he going to sing Invisible?

A lot of the rest of the list is depressing. Either because they're former superstars now pulling in relative chump change, or one-hit wonders willing to play for gas money.

The Heavy Hitters - $100,000 +

Nothing to Sneeze At - $50,00k +

They're Still Together? $30k to $50k

Are You The Original Members? - $20k to $30k

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