A couple hundred college students wearing nothing but their underwear made the best "Get Lucky" video we've seen yet.


We know it's scary, going to bed every night wondering if when you wake up in the morning someone will have made another video for either "Get Lucky" or "Blurred Lines," and if no one did, will the world just end? 

That question will have to be answered another day. Today you've got a "Get Lucky" video that counts as required viewing. Filmed  at Chapman University in Orange, CA during an "Undie Run" (we went to the wrong goddamn college), a cinematography student and his friends took advantage of the ready availability of hundreds of college students in their underwear to make a very cool video using one of those reverse effect things, like in that Spike Jonze Pharcyde video, except with more butts.

Since they didn't put any credits on the video or the YouTube page, making them the rare college-age Americans who don't demand credit and outsized praise for every achievement, here are the names of everyone responsible, according to the Reddit comments: Director - Kevin Wolf, Asst Dir. - Daniel Burke, Cinematographer - Zane Schwartz, Asst. Camera - Johnny Wilcox. Nice work, guys.

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Via Reddit