The Queen hath blessed the kingdom with a standalone, YouTube edition of the Lemonade finale, "All Night."

In case you haven't seen Lemonade already (If so, who are you? Is ignorance really that blissful? How did you get through that breakup, are you okay?), "All Night" is the last track on the album, in which Beyoncé and Jay Z make peace.

It's an emotional panorama that features shots of Jay and Bey's wedding video, Bey's pregnancy, the birth of Blue Ivy, couples of every orientation and race. The Queen also features the next generation of girls who run the world, including Amandla Sternberg and Chloe x Halle.


Seeing Jay in Dad Mode makes you forgive him for Becky with the good hair.
At least, if it worked for Bey, it should work for us.

Oh, and it's also just a great song.