“We stand before you embarrassed Americans tonight," Bruce Springsteen professed to his Melbourne crowd.

The news broke on Wednesday night that President Trump had managed to insult one of America's closest and chillest allies, allegedly hanging up the phone on Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over the weekend over a dispute about refugees and then bringing the beef to Twitter.

But Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Bruce Springsteen wanted to make sure that the USA is still tight with Oz, so he trolled Trump through the gift of song,

"This is a song from 1965 by the Orlons. We’re going to use this to send a letter back home," he said, before breaking up into a ditty called "Don't Hang Up."

He sure showed Trump who's the Boss.

The whole E Street Band is embarrassed by Donald Trump, too, so Stevie Van Zandt called him out on the medium he knows the president won't miss.


To any Australians out there, please know that most Americans disapprove of this nonsense and love you guys and your Hemsworths!