At a fundraising event for Hillary Clinton on Monday, Christina Aguilera sang her song 2002 hit song "Fighter." But it was likely that she choose the song because it's lyrics reminded her of Hillary's opponent.

Clad in a t-shirt that reads "Never underestimate the power of a woman," Christina belted out lyrics like:

How could this man I thought I knew
Turn out to be unjust, so cruel
Could only see the good in you
Pretended not to know the truth
You tried to hide your lies, disguise yourself
Through living in denial
But in the end you'll see
You won't stop me

I am a fighter and I
I ain't goin' stop
There is no turning back
I've had enough


Hm, sounds like a certain someone! If the song was indeed targeting Trump, she also could have also sang "You Lost Me" or "Just a Fool."

She then continued campaigning with this ~artsy~ black and white video she uploaded to Instagram urging people to get out there and vote.

Aguilera joins pretty much every other celebrity (minus Susan Sarandon and Scott Baio, if you still consider him a celebrity) in rallying for Clinton.