If you set it to footage from 'Titanic,' the movie becomes a parody of itself.

 Celine would be proud. (via YouTube/Postmodern Jukebox)
 Celine would be proud.
(via YouTube/Postmodern Jukebox)

"My Heart Will Go On," the song written for the Titanic soundtrack by Celine Dion, is the go-to sappy love song you sing to annoy people. Postmodern Jukebox, an organization that makes vintage adaptations of modern hits, re-arranged it with a live band to make it sound like a 1950s Jackie Wilson-style song. Unsurprisingly, it's way more fun and accessible than the original. All they have to do is change their pretentious band name and they'll be on the road to mainstream success.

Sources: YouTube/Postmodern Jukebox