18 Drake songs that are actually about eating a muffin.

18 Drake songs that are actually about eating a muffin.

It's well documented that Drake is the softest rapper out there, but the truth is, he's even softer than that. Drake has been singing about muffins.

Yes, Drake, yes.

On the outside, it seems Drake has been rapping about being sad over a woman or about the hardships of being rich, but just like the teeth you use to bite a muffin, it's all a front. Most music lyrics are really metaphors for the artist's inner thoughts and workings. For Drake, his inner thoughts are mostly just about baked goods. And those workings? Specifically, they're muffins. Consider these 18 examples:

1. "Started From The Bottom"

…Now we're bubbling over the top.

Most people eat their muffins starting from the top, and that's why they're not Drake. This is a song about delayed gratification, wherein he has already put in the hard work of eating the bottom of the muffin, and now he can finish off the experience by enjoying the textured, sugar-covered top.

2. "The Motto (YOLO)"

You only live once, so if Drake wants a muffin, he'll eat that muffin. And he's 'bout it every day, every day, every day.


3. "HYFR"

Here, Drake raps about how, instead of his music, people only ask him about his love for muffins:

Do you love this shit? Are you high right now?
Do you ever get nervous [that you could run out of muffins]?
Are you single? I heard you [ate a muffin], is it true?
You getting [muffins]?
You think them [muffins] you with is with you?

Drake answers all these Qs in the affirmative:

And I say hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah
Fuckin' right, fuckin' right, alright
And we say hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah
Fuckin' right, fuckin' right, alright


4. "Best I Ever Had"

Why does Drake never reveal which woman he is talking about in this song? Now we know—it's not about just one girl.

It's about all the muffins.

5. "Hold on, We're Going Home"

You know how hard it is to buy a muffin and then not eat it immediately? Drake vents all our frustrations with this tome, singing to a muffin about trying to find the strength to wait until he can get home and be alone with it.

6. "Back to Back"

This is the only way to eat two muffins. Drake's theory is that if he eats them back to back, they'll count as just one muffin.


7. "Pound Cake"

Slang for a very cakey muffin. Think streusel topping. This song is about how he and Jay-Z love to pound muffins.

8. "Look What You've Done"

Here Drake is acknowledging the negative health effects of consuming too much muffin:

But maybe I wouldn't have worked this hard if you were healthy and it weren't so bad.

9. "Feel No Ways"

A breakup song -- Drake's attempt to break ties with his muffin habit. He sings, "I tried with you. There's more to life than sleepin' in and gettin' high with you."

You only hurt the ones you love.

But he eventually breaks down. There really isn't more to life than sleeping in, getting high, and eating a muffin.

10. "I Get Lonely Too"

Don't tell anybody what we do when I get lonely.

Drake, like the rest of us, is a boredom eater. When he's alone, he stays eating muffins.

11. "Too Much"

When you've eaten too much muffin.

12. "Too Good"

When that muffin was too good.

13. "Hotline Bling"

And I know when that hotline bling
That can only mean one thing


Here, the "hotline bling" is the beeping of an oven timer, and the only thing that can mean is that the muffins are done.

14. "One Dance"

The hit of the summer, he opens this song with the lyrics, "Grips on your waist.
Front way, back way."

He is talking about a muffin top. Because he loves muffins.

15. "Forever"

"In your city, faded off the brown… I want this shit forever man."

Here, Drake is talking about the golden color of an oat bran muff. In Ontario, when you buy liquor from the LCBO it comes in a brown bag that just fits the bottle. You see people drinking from the brown bag with booze in it and they are “faded off the brown.” Drake is saying that a brown muffin can be so good, it's almost like getting faded off dark liquor.


16. "Take Care"

This song, featuring Rihanna, is about how Drake "takes care" of her by sharing his muffins.

Big girls all get a little taste
Pushing me away so I give her space

Cause you know Rihanna is a bad b**ch who needs some room to eat a muffin.

17. "Make Me Proud"

When he sings that he's proud of a girl because she's "running on a treadmill and only eating salad," it's because he has just eaten a muffin.

18. "Controlla"

Drake here illustrates the importance of giving up power or “control” in order to eat a muffin.

Where previous foods did not deserve this authority over him, he is now ready to “do things when you want me to” for this autonomous, talking bakery treat.