Apparently, Green Day gets a ton of respect in Europe. At MTV's Europe Music Awards on Sunday, the wonderful Idris Elba presented them with the Global Icon Award.

But the distance from America, and American politics, was purely geographical. Accepting the award, lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong said, "It's really nice to be in Europe right now. It's especially nice to be in Holland... but most of all it's nice to be out of America, just for a second, because of this horrendous election that's going on right now."


"The entire country is about to have one big collective heart attack."

True, true.

Towards the end of the night, Green Day took the stage to perform "American Idiot," a song you might remember giving voice to your teenage angst (or teenage eyeliner) as the country dealt with the first year of the Iraq invasion in 2004.

Ever the clever lyricist, Armstrong changed the line, "Can you hear the sound of hysteria?/The subliminal mind f*** America" to "The subliminal mind Trump America."


That'll show 'em.