At the American Music Awards on Sunday night, renowned stars of 2004—Green Day—took the stage to play one of their new songs. "Bang Bang" is not "American Idiot" so you've never heard it before, but they included a line very much in the spirit of their popular protest album.

An unlikely hero has emerged in liberal America. No, not you—sit down, Elizabeth Warren. Thy savior's name is Green Day.


Chanted by lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, "No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!" is almost as catchy as #GreenDay2020 (this hashtag has only been used once ever).

And because they're the middle-aged heroes of today's protest rock, here's Green Day before the show, apparently treating the red carpet as their own pop-punk urinal.

Trump thought he had bested Green Day after their controversial performance at the MTV EMAs did nothing to stop his rise to power.



Please, please, please let Trump follow up the below 2010 tweet with a shot at Green Day like he did with the cast of Hamilton.

America deserves this feud.

Sources: h/t US Weekly