"There are other people on the highway, sir, you can't just slam on the pedal like that."

It's the moment every driver dreads: you're on the highway and you run out of gas. Usually you've got enough momentum to pull over, so the real danger isn't the traffic, per se, but the boredom and embarrassment of waiting on the side of the road for someone to try and help you. Unless, of course, you're this guy, and you've got a drumset in your trunk that you needed to practice with anyway. So, as he told the cops, he just started to kill time. If you don't have AAA, this is actually a pretty good idea because you know that cops will never be able to resist the urge to pull over for that (and probably, someone would call them on you so they get there quicker). At the end of the day, the Maryland State Troopers called the State Highway Administration to give him enough gas to find a refill, and everyone went home happy. Just like interactions with highway police always end.

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