I feel about as modern as this contraption after watching the video.

Since 2007, DJ Earworm has been getting stuck in our brains every holiday season with his mashup of each year's 25 biggest songs on the Billboard Hot 100. This year's track, "Do What You Wanna Do," is a lot different than its seven predecessors. According to Earworm, that's because music went through a big change this year. "This year," he told Billboard, "'Timber,' which was popular in January, is the only popular dance track I'm dealing with." This amid what he sees as an overall decline in EDM music over the past few years. "It's definitely down-tempo, so you have to decide, how is this going to go? How am I going to maintain the energy levels while being true to the sound of the year?" By doing what you wanna do, and turning down (the beat) for a more accurate version of 2014, which may be the best actual song in the Earworm anthology.

Sources: DJ Earworm