John Mayer was performing a secret solo show at The Hotel Café in Los Angeles on Wednesday night when comedian Dave Chappelle crashed the intimate event and decided to join Mayer for some classic tunes, Billboard reports. The two performers have collaborated previously on a comedy video called "Black People Love John Mayer" and apparently also enjoy playing hits from the early 90's together. Together, the duo played 1992 Nirvana hit "Come As You Are," which the audience enthusiastically sang along to, as well as a stripped down version of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'," a staple of Mayer's earlier repertoire.


Apparently, this isn't the first time Mayer and Chappelle have practiced their musical routine, either. Mayer told the crowd that the two of them frequently perform their act "in different cities until about five in the morning." The typical format is Chappelle making Mayer play his favorite songs from the 1980s.

Y'all they did free falling together too 😭 #JohnMayer overload today because last night was a dream 🌙

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One lucky attendee of the show summarized his favorite moment of the night, when Chappelle spoke about seeing Prince for the last time, at the White House.

Dave Chappelle jumped on stage and messed around w John Mayer for a good 30 minutes. The highlight was when he told the story of his last time hanging with Prince @ the White House. He said that Prince and Stevie Wonder got on the same Piano and played songs together. He said that he missed Prince's laugh.

Both Mayer and Chappelle are two performers who had big breaks in the early 2000s, but have been largely quiet in recent years. Coming off a period of touring with The Dead, Mayer is now set to release a new album, The Search For Everything, which will be released throughout 2017 in waves (lest we forget that John Mayer is a tortured artist). Chappelle is currently working on recording his first comedy special in over a decade, which will air on Netflix. Fame is hard. 2017 is hard. Sometimes it's nice to revel in simpler times, back before anyone had heard of Taylor Swift.

Sources: Billboard