Joseph Kahn directed the extremely seductive Taylor Swift video below, which many are calling a white-washed homage to colonialism.

Notice anything about Taylor Swift's video for "Wildest Dreams?" Yes! She's a brunette! Also, it's set in Africa and there isn't a single black person to be seen. Also also also, the guy is Clint Eastwood's son. What a hottie.

Lots of think-pieces have flooded the Internet since the video premiered at VMAs, talking about how this romantic fantasy can only exist on the backs of colonized Africans, and celebrating it is shameful, problematic, etc. At the least, it certainly confirms what the Cecil the Lion brouhaha suggested: most average Americans don't know anything about what Africa is actually like. Not now, nor in the bygone era where "Wildest Dreams" appears to be set. 

Sources: Joseph Kahn