Katy Perry's new song has the internet wondering if it's about Taylor Swift.

Katy Perry's new song has the internet wondering if it's about Taylor Swift.

Katy Perry released a new song called "Swish Swish" from her upcoming album Witness at midnight on Thursday, and immediately the internet flew into a frenzy. Not just because, hooray, new Katy Perry song!, but because the lyrics to the song, which features Nicki Minaj, had everyone wondering: Is this a track slamming Taylor Swift? And the answer is almost certainly yes.

There are a lot of reasons why people have come to this conclusion, the first and most obvious being that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have a long-running, well-known feud, about which NME has written a comprehensive timeline. Catch up on it, if you need to. We'll wait.

Okay, ready? Another reason are all the clues in the aforementioned lyrics:

A tiger
Don't lose no sleep
Don't need opinions
From a shellfish or a sheep.
Don't you come for me
No, not today.
You're calculated
I got your number
'Cause you're a joker
And I'm a courtside killer queen
And you will kiss the ring
You best believe

Tigers don't actually swing on vines, but that's okay.

Katy Perry is definitely the tiger in this tale, because of her song "Roar." And the sheep she mentions could very well be Taylor Swift, whom Perry once subtweeted using references to both Mean Girls and the Bible, calling someone (ahem) "the Regina George in sheep's clothing."


That tweet was just a day after a Rolling Stone interview with Taylor in which she talked about her feud with Perry (without naming her directly).

The part that says "You're calculated" might also be about Swift, who has been called "calculating" in the past (and hates it, which, of course almost anyone would), according to a Chuck Klosterman interview in GQ.


Later in the song, Katy Perry sings this verse:

Your game is tired
You should retire
You're 'bout cute as
An old coupon expired
And karma's not a liar
She keeps receipts

This could easily be about those infamous "receipts" kept by Kim Kardashian. The receipts in that case were of the phone call Kardashian secretly recorded between her husband, Kanye West, and Swift. In the call, Swift learns about some lyrics she later claimed she didn't know about. Kardashian eventually released the audio, calling Swift out.


Another interesting tidbit: the Kanye album called Pablo was originally going to be called Swish. And the Kanye/Taylor Swift feud is one of the most legendary celebrity feuds in recent memory. (Here's Cosmopolitan's timeline of that whole disaster.)

Then there's Nicki Minaj, who contributed a verse to "Swish Swish," who also had a very public beef with Swift. Let me refresh your memory: in 2015, Minaj tweeted about her record-breaking video for "Anaconda" not being nominated for an MTV Video Music Award. Swift made Minaj's grievance all about her, tweeting back at Minaj that she (Minaj) was "pit[ting] women against each other."

Oops, Nicki, I think your pants...fell...never mind.

Katy Perry's response to that whole drama was this tweet:

So it seems preeeetty likely that "Swish Swish" (which even sounds like "Swift") is about Taylor Swift. The case is solved, internet. WE DID IT! Even more proof that these ladies, who obviously don't like each other, don't like each other.

Courtside killer queen.