Ain't nuthin' but a G thang.

Jimmy Kimmel Live's #MashUpMonday series features collaborations betwen unlikely musicians, usually just based on whether Kimmel can make a dumb pun off of their names. Past examples have included Weezer and ZZ Top as Wee-Z Top, Aloe Blacc and Blackstreet as Aloe Blaccstreet, and of course, The Beach Boyz 2 Men. OK, that last one was wishful thinking.

The newest installment features rapper Warren G and smooth jazz hair model Kenny G, creatively renamed as Warren and Kenny G, performing Warren's 1994 hit "Regulate." All puns aside, this version actually came out pretty good. I mean, Warren was smooth before, but this is ridiculous. Definitely a tune to listen to while sipping gin and juice.

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live | Variety