So busted!

We all secretly love one or two songs that deep down we wish we didn't. There's no explaining how or why a terrible song seems to hit you a certain way that makes you want to sing and clap along. Whether you're a closeted fan of 'My Humps,' 'We Built This City,' 'Mambo No. 5,' or 'Breakfast at Tiffany's,' don't let other people's opinions prevent you from enjoying whatever music you like. 

That said, all those songs sound like 'Let It Be' compared to Dutch singer Snollebollekes' 'Bam Bam (Bam).' Therefore, if you happen to be in the audience while he's performing the song on television, for God's sake, don't get caught on camera clapping along, or you'll wind up looking like this poor guy, lamely attempting to hide his shame in a glass of beer.

Sources: The Big Lead