Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli would like to bail Brooklyn rapper Bobby $hmurda out of jail. $hmurda was arrested in December 2014 for allegedly being a member of a gang affiliated with the Crips. As part of a 15-person indictment, he was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, weapons possession, and reckless endangerment. The rapper rose to fame in July 2014 after a video for one of his songs went viral and put him on the Billboard Hot 100.

Enter Shkreli. In addition to being famous for drastically hiking the price of drugs, he recently combined his love of wealth and rap music by purchasing the sole copy of a Wu-Tang album at the hefty price tag of $2 million dollars. Like $hmurda, Shkreli grew up in Brooklyn and told HipHopDX he would like to bail the rapper out of jail:

Sources: HipHopDX